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Thailand has a broad network of well maintained roads between major cities. From a total length of 57.000 km paved, about 53,000 km and only 4,000 miles without cover.

Most of the north-south route is two lanes in both directions.

Thailand is on the left. Signalling follows international conventions and is often performed bilingual Thai / English. Driving at night on road because of heavy traffic is not a good idea. Truck drivers tend to not like us very little respect from cars and reckless driving accordingly. Otherwise, driving on the main road outside Bangkok and the recreation center a safe and pleasant experience. A weekend with a car hire offers the opportunity to learn about wonderful Thai culture and at any time without any time pressure to stop if we want to explore one of the many interesting parts of the kingdom.

Bangkok itself has a bad reputation when it comes to traffic conditions. Except there was no question of toll roads, this reputation is justified. The streets are usually crowded. To someone who does not know the city well, it is very difficult to breed here. While drivers in Thailand are very polite and considerate – the horn is only very rarely – directions and often come and go change in the day, without having to be reported by major retailers (And if so, then only in English). Local land so that foreign drivers ever in locations that are away from their real target. A growing highway network within Bangkok simplify the situation even criticism.

Car Rental Insurance

International leasing companies such as Hertz, Avis and Budget are also present in Thailand. You hire vehicles insured, which the Local owners have not always or only on special request, the case is on. Although I was an uninsured vehicle in the North East on the road with themselves and all went well, I would not dare again. Danger lurks In him, I only became clear later.

Car Rental Damage

Most rental companies make the tenant is responsible for all damages during the rental period. Existing survey damage dents, scratches or missing parts should as far as possible so on the purchase slip. If your vehicle does not know, do not hesitate to have at your service. Convince yourself that everything works on the vehicle.

Thailand Road conditions

Not in a familiar environment to use a vehicle that can be risky. Since trafficking in Thailand continues to increase, there always the time of construction sites, especially when traveling at night is very dangerous. Bands left can be used as Notweg to avoid further road users. These areas usually consist of sand and gravel are sometimes extended. Must take special precautions when leaving the paved road! And the rocks falling on the shoulder of a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front stopped due.

Some owners allow the use of their vehicles on unpaved roads if they have four wheel drive.

Thailand traffic control

Left Thailand on. They allow you to get used at. Agglomerations in the general speed limit of 60 kmh (35 mph). Beyond it is between 90-100 km / h (52-60 mph) on expressways and highways. The Thurs speed controls the police. The use of seat belts is compulsory, driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. All insurance shall be confiscated if the alcohol limit (? ‰?) exceeded.

Travel behavior

In many countries, any person on a road or path is the right of way over those of the road between. It is not necessarily the case in Thailand. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout market law and left the road could turn on your. Keep an eye traffic coming from behind, and drive far left as possible. If needed, use the left edge strips to dodge. Look in the mirror. Attention for some animals on the road. When you want to pass another vehicle another, using their horn in a polite Thai, by briefly just to let them know the person before, where they are and what they are do.

Fuel prices in Thailand

The vast majority of cars run in Thailand unleaded gasoline. Vans budget require diesel. Both fuels are readily available throughout Thailand and cost about 29-35 baht per liter. Most gas stations accept major international credit cards, The country is on cash, but usually required. On main roads there are Open all service stations clock, which include the country overnight.

Driving Licence

All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license and not tentative. In addition to the Thai driving license is therefore foreign driving license (with English translation) and of course international driving license (with the original license). The driver license and a valid passport at all times must be made. Age: The car rental companies rent their vehicles for drivers who are At least 21 years.

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