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Bangkok family friendly condos, Finding condos for families with children


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When we think about living in Bangkok, it’s easy to get caught up in the misconception that the city that never sleeps is all about booze and partying. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city that skillfully merges business, tourism, and luxury lifestyles. And if you are an affluent family looking for condos in and around the Sukhumvit area, there are way more options than you would naturally assume.

Did you know there are some of the best international schools in Bangkok that you will find in any major Asian city? These are things that are seldom discussed when reading Bangkok travel guides. Get all the family around the campfire and let’s find out what makes Bangkok, and especially along Sukhumvit, a major family-friendly residential location.

What is a Family-Friendly Condo Development at Sukhumvit, Bangkok?

Family-friendly condos in the Sukhumvit area are not just those that accept families with kids. All residential condo complexes accept kids, but some are more suited to families than others. For example, Bangkok condo developments near major parks such as Lumpini or near international schools and hospitals are the ideal options. Or developments that have kid’s club facilities, gardens, swimming pools, or onsite amenities that have families in mind.

If you have kids and you live in a major city, you know exactly what I am talking about. You can’t keep children cooped up all day like racing pigeons, especially not younger kids. Here are the best family-friendly condo developments on Sukhumvit Road in Central Bangkok.

While searching for a condo in Bangkok for your family, you likely find yourself searching for a family friendly condominium that provides a healthy and safe environment while also being within a reasonable distance from either an international hospital or an international school.

One of the most popular family friendly condominiums that we often recommend to expat families in Bangkok is the iconic Millennium Residence which is easily accessible via Sukhumvit 16, 18 and 20. The Millennium residence is bustling with expat families where the children enjoy playing together in the large swimming pool and playing tennis or other sports on within the compounds secure grounds.

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