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What is a Bangkok G Club?


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G-clubs aka Gentleman's clubs are private establishments that provide a nightclub atmosphere in a more sophisticated environment. Sometimes known as Coyote Clubs, or in some cases disguised as Karaoke bars, G-clubs are targeted at strictly male clientele and home to many ladies who will happily spend their time with customers in exchange for a few drinks, usually one every 45 minutes.

However, the distinction between G clubs and go-go bars is that there is no option to pay the club to take a girl home early. The staff is comprised of, attractive, intelligent, young and fun Thai girls who provide great company and perhaps a dance or two. The only cost of spending time with one of the girls is the price of a drink, usually between 250-400 baht depending on the venue and membership.

Although most clubs will allow non-members to pay for one off entry, the majority will promote, offer or expect visitors to sign up for private membership. Different types of membership are available and range from 5000 - 60,000 baht a year. Included in the price are a set number of bottles of spirits, mixers, discounted drinks, some ‘free girl drinks' and of course free entry. For the girls, drinks and a good time, an average price for a full night out in a G-cub ranges from 5,000-10,000 baht.

The majority of established G-clubs in Bangkok are located in and around Ratchada and Lad Phrao, with the target audience mostly being Thai businessmen. Indeed, for those who can't converse at all in Thai, the full potential of many clubs will not be accessible due to the lack of English spoken. However, there are a few newer clubs that are more accommodating to farangs.

For those completely new to the scene, there are a couple of decent, established clubs that offer starter memberships for 5000 baht, including 3 bottles of whiskey and discounted drinks. The Big Apple, situated in the Thonburi Plaza on Ramintra Road, is open from 8pm-3am and offers lots of girls and good music. Secondly, the Kachood Beauty Club, found in Moo 9 on Kaset-Nawamin Rd, is well respected for the high ratio of women to men.

For those starting out and happy to spend a bit more, The Pimp, on Ramkamhaeng Road, is considered on of the best Gentleman's clubs in Thailand. Renowned for its quality of female company, the club is quite exclusive, with a 20,000 baht membership, which includes 12 bottles. Another top-rated G-club is the Rao-Srinakarin, on Srinakharin Road, which is well known for the quality of its shows performed by scantily clad girls. Memberships are available for 10,000 including 5 bottles, or 20,000 to include 12 bottles.

For a more central and farang friendly option, C-12 in Sukumvit Soi 12 is well appointed with memberships from 10,000 and although the girls' drinks run at 400 baht each, English is widely spoken. For those wishing to mix with the Thai elite, St. Moritz, in Sukumvit soi 11, is the perfect choice. With some of the best looking girls in Bangkok, the elite of Thai society, as well as regular performances by Thai superstars, the memberships are expensive and only available on request.

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