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Jim Thompson Retail Stores & Restaurants in Bangkok


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The name Jim Thompson has been associated with the finest Thai silk products since 1947, when James H W Thompson began his mission to save the dying craft of silk hand-weaving. Captivated by the alluring beauty and listre of the fabrics, the American entrepreneur set off to New York from Thailand, hoping to market his handwoven silks to sophisticated buyers.

His idea worked; people fell in love with the fabrics and thus, Jim Thompson’s famous Thai Silk Company was born.

Since then, Jim Thompson’s name has evolved into a internationally acclaimed brand. Today, the Thai Silk Company has 18 retail outlets in Bangkok and 15 more around Thailand. Its global network includes shops in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Melbourne, Tokyo and Dubai, plus representatives in 30 other countries.

Renowned for its innovative design using only the best Thai silks, the Jim Thompson team keeps abreast of world design and fashion trends by introducing new colours every season. Working with Thai designer Ou Baholydhin, ‘Living with Jim Thompson’ offers a refreshing approach to interior design and strikes a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Fabric details are kept simple so the focus can remain on the fine craftsmanship. Washable cottons, durable linens, raw and unwoven silk made up a collection featuring contemporary interpretations of Jim Thompson’s original bestselling designs, Within this collection are elegant garments and understated fashion accessories.

Visitors can also experience the legacy of Jim Thompson’s famous hospitality if they choose to dine at Thompson Bar & Restaurant located in the Thai building just next to the Jim Thompson House Museum. Cafe 9 in the Surawong Road retail outlet or at Saladaeng Cafe, a standalone restaurant on Saladaeng Road.

Graced with a sumptuous array of Thai favourites inspired by his renowned dinner parties and served up with Thai-style hospitality, the restaurants keep the popular host’s memory alive, feasting on Thai delights in an elegant setting is surely the next best thing to travelling back in time and dining at Jim Thompson’s famous table in his house on the Klong.

As in ancient times, modern-day travellers to the Thai kingdom often return home laden with fine silk pieces. Gifts of silk are a traditionally Thai way of honouring loved ones. So, after enjoying lunch or dinner, you can browse the collections further for a gorgeous gift for that special someone.

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