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Moving to Bangkok? Here’s what to pack


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Moving is stressful, moving to another country is even worse and moving to a country in the midst of developing Southeast Asia may seem downright daunting. Preparing to live in an entirely different climate, culture and environment is a huge task and it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, with Sukhumvit Condos, you’ve got an on-the-ground team to help out.

First of all: breathe. It’s important to reassure you that while Thailand is undoubtedly a developing country, Bangkok is leaps and bounds ahead of many of the outlying provinces. And while things aren’t perfect, there’s more on offer here than you might think and in many ways, life is actually objectively easier here than in many western cities. For example, you can use any number of apps to deliver food from your favourite restaurants around town, directly to your door, 24 hours a day. Not so very third-world, eh?

Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city that prides itself on convenience and service. So, aside from a very few items you may want the moment you step off the plane, and those irreplaceable items with sentimental value that you can’t live without, there’s very little you might need that you can’t buy here.

From the pharmacy
Medicines for which you would need a prescription at home can usually be obtained easily, over the counter from reputable pharmacies. However, the preference for and availability of antibiotics makes it harder to get the multivitamins or cold and flu sachets you might usually reach for before you head to the doctor. As for cosmetics, the department stores stock a huge range of international brands; though when it comes to toiletries, things can be a little trickier. Thanks to the Asian preference for pale skin, many skin care products and even deodorants have whitening agents. For the same reason, sun bathing is not a popular activity among locals and sunblock is more expensive than you might expect; as for fake tan? Forget it!

Stock the fridge
Basic groceries are a cinch and getting your fresh fruit and veggies from the market can be a real adventure, but if you’re pressed for time, the supermarkets are convenient and comprehensive. Many stock imported brands, which, although more expensive, will generally satisfy your homesick cravings. Having said that, some familiar brands have been altered for local tastes. Ketchup and baked beans, for example, are often much sweeter than you might be used to. As for chocolate, even Snickers and Kit Kats are modified so as not to melt so quickly in the heat, so they taste a little different.

Keep yourself entertained
Bookworms, relax; there are a number of chain and independent bookstores with a great range of English language books. But it can be handy to invest in a Kindle or similar if you’re after specific titles. On that note, most gadgets will convert easily with a standard adaptor plug, available at the airport or in many 7-Elevens, though it’s always worth checking the voltage, to be sure.

Outfits and ensembles
When it comes to packing your wardrobe, obviously be aware that your outfits for city living will be different from your island holiday get-up. Thailand is hot but in the city, you’ll find yourself in arctic air conditioning a lot of the time. Bring a capsule wardrobe to cover all occasions and remember, most of your favourite high street and designer brands are here, not to mention countless street, night and weekend markets where you can pick up bits and pieces to refresh your look. It should be noted that it is harder (but not impossible) for gents to find shoes bigger than a UK size 10 and for ladies to find bras larger than a D cup.

To sum up, when organising your suitcases or container shipments for the move to Bangkok: bring just your essentials and favourites and be prepared for some minor adjustments.

For more tips, stay tuned to the blog and if you have any questions about our comprehensive shipping and moving service, get in touch.

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