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Getting Cancer Treatment in Bangkok for Expats


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Cancer treatment centers and hospitals in Bangkok are among some of the best in the world. This is important because some leave their home countries seeking affordable cancer treatment here. Oftentimes, these folks have no health insurance in their home countries thus overseas treatment is necessary. Then, there are the expats who live and work here and have the experience of something strange showing up during an annual health check. For those expats, they are relieved when they realize that they live in Bangkok because of its reputation for quality and affordable medical care. There are many cancer success stories among expats in Thailand.

Facilities Available for Cancer Treatment

In Bangkok, the premier cancer treatment center is found at the Bumrungrad International Hospital. It is known as the Horizon Regional Cancer Center. Bumrungrad is the most expensive hospital in Bangkok but still less expensive than in Western countries. Plus, the doctors and staff speak English.

Another impressive medical facility is the Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital. Their claim is that they are Bangkok's first private hospital totally dedicated to the treatment of Cancer. Their website has patient testimonials along with helpful articles for those with queries about their condition.

Every province in Thailand has their cancer centers that are equipped to handle primary care for the disease. In the other provinces, patients are usually referred to the local university hospital which is fully equipped to handle subsequent stages of the disease. Thailand's Ministry of Health has also established a total of six regional cancer centers throughout the country to handle all referrals.

Medical Tourism in Bangkok

One thing that makes Bangkok a top choice when it comes to cancer treatment is because it promotes medical tourism. Medical tourism is a phrase coined for people who leave their home countries and seek medical care in another land. The primary reason is because of affordability and quality is of concern as well. Thailand takes medical tourism seriously and it is part the country's economy. Their attention to detail is also reflected in their high standards when it comes to care. In other words, Thailand is doing everything possible to make it attractive for medical tourists thus the expat living here can take advantage of this high level of quality.

No Reason to Wait

For the expat living in Bangkok, complete physicals are both available and affordable. Thus, there is no reason to wait because most cancers are treatable when discovered early.

For example, one Bangkok expat's daughter went in for a routine health check at Bumrungrad Hospital. Her blood tests revealed a high white blood count. This person has never been sick in 17 years but the staff is well-trained and was able to spot this quickly.

However, the hospital didn't just jump to the conclusion of leukemia or some other cancer. They referred her to the Horizon Regional Cancer Center and today are continuing to test and watch the situation in order to be sure that everything is either alright or treatment must be start.

Of all the places in the world, Bangkok is one of the most modern, affordable, and comfortable places for a person to receive cancer treatment. Plus, as a resort destination, a person can go through recovery in a nice hotel or on a beach somewhere within the country. Bangkok also has fewer restrictions on the types of medicine it can use to treat the disease. If you are an expat here, get a health check and make sure all is in order. However, if it is not, you can rest assured that this is the place to get treatment.

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