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Without its famous massage parlours the Bangkok sex reputation simply wouldn’t be quite the same. They certainly are an attraction for some and offer a more discreet and sometimes sensual experience than simply picking up a girl from the go go bars. In fact these ‘full body massage’ places are far less easy to find your way to than the obvious girlie bar areas and are most often frequented by Thais.

Sex massages in Bangkok are offered at many venues across the city, and your best chance of finding one of these is in Thailand is in Bangkok where they are widely permitted. Since the sex takes place on the premises they need to operate in the shadows of the law and therefore aren’t generally found in the popular tourist areas. Usually a tuk tuk driver will offer you a flyer to these places.

Inside a Bangkok sex massage parlour

It works like this; a selection of ladies, ranging from a handful to dozens, sit in a ‘fishbowl’ with one-way mirrors and you relax in the sofas on the other side, while you take your time over a beer to choose one (indicated by numbers). After paying up front your experience begins with a sensual soaping down in a bath, provided by your naked hostess of choice. After this you get to romp on an adjacent double bed and it’s usually all over within 90 minutes.

The quality of the venues, the selection of the girls and the price vary widely - especially at peak times but you can expect to pay 1500 to 2500 baht. If you are visiting and have been taken there by a taxi driver you’ll have little choice but to accept what’s on offer but locals know better, and will often do the rounds of several places in an evening to find good value. The most expensive sex massage parlours in Bangkok don’t always have the best girls, and even a big selection can be quite uniform - aimed at Asian tastes for white skin ultra-skinny girls which you might not find appealing. If a minibus full of Japanese or Koreans has arrived before you then the price will be inflated and the selection poor. Some sit around waiting for new girls to emerge, but these are the busiest in the house.

There are a few tips to getting the most out of these Bangkok sex massage parlours. Timing is essential, never go on a weekend or at the end of month, when they are busiest. Typically a parlour will have two dozen girls on duty but few of them will be really worthwhile. Of course different girls appeal to different tastes but by 9pm only the dregs are left. Often they have different prices for different girls (usually shown by colour of numbers), depending on who is most popular. Luckily Thai men have altogether different tastes.

The other big question is how they perform, and this unfortunately is very hit and miss. Since the girls can’t detect your presence in the room there’s no way of seeing how they react to you. There’s no fraternising over a few drinks to get an idea of how much ‘fun’ she is likely to be. But you do get a chance to chat with them a bit and see how ‘interested’ they are. Few will speak English and often these girls have experienced such a high turnover of men that they simply lie there and let you get on with it, which is a bit of a turn off. Occasionally you get a girl who senses a big tip and the whole experience is memorable. Others tend to need extra tipping to get them to give you a proper service, demanding extra for every additional request you have. Once you’ve cum, it’s all over, regardless of how long it took, and you’ll have to pay extra to linger.

Sex massage parlours in Bangkok are ideal if you need to be discreet or want a quickie without a big drinks bill or bar fine, but they can be far less satisfying than meeting a lovely bar girl and taking her back to your place.

Dirty massages

A far tamer massage often given is known as the dirty massage. This is an oil massage where you get massaged in ‘additional places’ for an extra fee of about 500 baht (on top of the 200+ baht for the massage). There are places that specialise in this and others that will oblige, provided you are in a private booth. Many of the masseuses in Bangkok (except in hotels and spas) will agree to this but it really is dependent on them.

Generally the closer the place is to a go go area and the more ‘welcoming’ the ladies, the more likely they will be to offer. This is usually done in a teasing manner, occasionally brushing their hand over your privates. So you needn’t worry, lie back and enjoy the drawn out experience, it’s far more fun. Some of these ladies will even agree to move the massage back to your place, which will cost more, and can lead to ‘the works’, if you’re lucky (and pay them well).

Sex massage parlours in Bangkok

There are many massage parlours all over Bangkok, especially in some of the more touristy areas, and often it can be difficult to suss out whether your chosen venue is indeed a sex massage parlour, or just a ‘normal’ one. This is complicated further by the fact that the differences between the two types of establishment are often quite blurred; you can be in a place which seems like a regular massage shop, but can be engaging in activities which will certainly be more at home in a place which offers ‘special massages’!

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