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Bangkok go go bars – How it works


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The go go bar scene has become somewhat tamer than the legendary days of Bangkok’s naughty past and now consists many of bikini clad girls pole dancing on a stage unenthusiastically. The girls are available to go home with you, and are generally stunning, though far more expensive that those available in the numerous girlie bars. Many of the girls look disinterested and the punters appear to be straight off the plane. Apart from being a tourist attraction, with nice bodies to watch, most of these have a dull atmosphere.

However with stunning figures, parading around under bright lights almost naked, Bangkok go go girls have not become any less of an attraction. Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and the venerable Patpong are the main venues for Bangkok go go girls with hundreds of young women taking to the stage every night.

Go go entertainment in Bangkok

Many of Bangkok’s go go bars feature simply a continual run of songs in different musical styles – thumping dance beats and in some cases rocking tunes – and go go girls of seemingly different levels of enthusiasm dancing, or at least doing their best imitation of a dance, to the music. In many cases dancing equates to swaying back and forth around a pole or up and down the stage in order for them to have a look at the interested parties in the bar and vice versa.

While several Bangkok go go girls listlessly follow the music until the song ends and their shift on the stage is over, other go go bars feature dance routines, also of various quality. Likely the best go go bar in Bangkok as far as this is concerned is the Long Gun Bar in Soi Cowboy, which features regular shows that are choreographed beforehand and feature displays of acrobatics mixed in with the typical go go show. In addition to the shows some bars feature go go girls dressed according to a theme, such as the Playskool bar in Nana Plaza, which features waitresses and dancers in the cute Bangkok university students getup.

Inside Bangkok’s go go bars

Bangkok’s go go bars are set usually set up with the stage at the centre (or off to the side in a very small bar) and seating placed around it, often in benches, which if a bar is crowded can make it difficult to find a seat. The waitresses are very attentive at these places and will do their best to find you a seat.

Most of the girls dancing at the go go bars have to appear on stage at certain times determined before their shift at work begins. Even if you have purchased a “lady drink” (see Bangkok bar girls) don’t be surprised if your go go girl still springs up at a song change for another go on the stage.

How it works

Most men in these bars sit alone facing the dancing stage, the lights are very dim, the music loud, and often the place empty. The waitresses will insist on you buying a drink, often one of the girls not dancing will sit down suggestively next to you and ask for a ‘lady drink’ (the standard watered down, overpriced variety found in these bars). You can choose any of the dancing girls to sit with you. The tab is almost always popped into a holder in front of you so you can keep an eye on the prices. If the place has sex acts on stage the drinks get more expensive, and if you’ve been talked into an ‘upstairs place’ by a tout, expect a nasty surprise when you’re done drinking (we advise you to avoid even stepping into such places). If you like the girl you’re with, you can pay her bar fine (between 300 and 500 baht) and off you go. She’ll want to negotiate her fee before you leave, which is anything from 1500 to 4000 baht, depending on ‘short’ or ‘long’ time. Some places have rooms on the premises.

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