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Bangkok Dentists: Expat Guide to Finding Dentists in Bangkok


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If you are an expat living in Thailand for the first time, you are bound to be shocked at just how affordable dentists in Bangkok can be compared to the country you came from. This is assuming that you came from the USA, Europe, Canada, or Australia. Other developed nations may also have extremely high dental fees. However, in Thailand, you can look to pay about one-fourth of what you paid in your home country. Annual checkups are a breeze here and the affordable dental care here can be a lifesaver for those needing root canals and bridgework.

Making the Choice

As an expat living in Thailand, price is important when choosing a dentist in Bangkok. Tourists are pleased because just about anywhere is cheaper than in the Western world. However, when living on the Thai economy, price becomes somewhat more relevant. Despite this, price should still not be the most important factor.

Location is probably the most important when choosing a dentist in Bangkok. This is because the traffic in Bangkok is terrible and the mass transit systems are just as packed during hours after you get off of work. You don’t want to get off work just to make a two-hour drive across town for a dental appointment. Probably the best day to drive in Bangkok is on Sunday so a dental provider with opening hours on this day might be what you need.

If you can get a recommendation from another Thai person then this is always helpful. Don’t worry about any language barriers. Some receptionists may not be able to speak English well but they know who in the office can. Furthermore, remember that most all dentists speak English as well.

Now, here are some samplings of the different dental providers throughout Bangkok. Remember, most provide excellent service with some having higher prices than others. These are just a few to consider.

Bumrungrad Hospital Dental Clinic

Bumrungrad is Bangkok’s premier international hospital. Its prices are higher but less than in the Western world and the service is excellent. All facilities are clean and modern as well. These same quality standards apply to the hospital’s dental clinic as well. The dentists are trained in the West and you will have no problem communicating in English here.

Theptarin Dental Clinic

For those living in the area of Rama IV avenue, On Nut, Prakanong, and basically the southern Sukumvit Ave district, there is Theptarin Hospital’s dental clinic. Theptarin Hospital is not quite as crowded as those located in the central part of the city but you may find that more of the staff only speaks Thai. In general, Theptarin’s dental clinic prices are affordable. They have a clean, modern clinic with a waiting area where the kids can play.

Rama 9 Hospital Dental Center

Rama 9 Avenue is located not too far from Bumrungrad Hospital and in the heart of the city as well. They have some convenient opening hours, seven days a week from 8:00 A.M. until 8:00 or 9:00 P.M. They have an extensive list of dentists and you can view their profiles on the clinic’s website. They cost a little less than Bumrungrad and they offer a wide range of services to include general, pediatric, orthodontic, and aesthetic dentistry. Additionally, they have implants, periodontics, and much more.

Silom Dental Building

This is a seven-story dental clinic in Bangkok’s Silom financial district. It is easily reached by BTS Skytrain (Sala Daeng Station) or the MRT subway (Silom Station). This dental complex has just about anything you want in the way of general and cosmetic dentistry. They even have pediatric dental care. Their prices are higher as is everything in the financial district.

Dental Design Clinic

This clinic is a short walk from a popular area for both tourists and expats alike: Asoke. It is a short walk from the Asoke BTS station and right across the street from the Sukumvit MRT subway station on Soi 21 (Asoke Avenue). They feature what you might call “designer” dentistry but have general and surgical services as well. They even feature in-office or at-home teeth whitening. For those who may have difficulty paying for the services all at once, they offer convenient payment plans. One perk is that they are located close to the new Terminal 21 shopping mall.

There are many more dentists available to you in Bangkok—too many to mention here. If you need dental work, this is the place to do it because of the quality and price. Have your teeth checked today and see what these fine dentists can do for you.

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